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The field of Applied Behavior Analysis has seen amazing scientific breakthroughs in the past decade. Breakthroughs that have given children the ability to talk and to be happy. It's time to start taking advantage of this research.

We have an ethical obligation to use the most up to date research available for teaching.

Advanced ABA Therapy

Every behavior has a reason to occur but not every behavior occurs for the same reason. All of our RBT certified therapists are trained to recognize the function off every behavior as it occurs. By knowing why a behavior occurs, we can extinguish inappropriate behavior and strengthen appropriate social behaviors.

Verbal Behavior

Language acquisition is within everyone's ability. The key is teaching according to function, not form. Verbal Behavior, B.F. Skinner's revolutionary analysis of language, follows the pattern of language development found in typical development and fills in the gaps.


Before you build a curriculum for a child, you need to know exactly what they already know. We use the VB-MAPP, the most comprehensive assessment available for children with ASD, to determine exactly where they are in terms of development, what negative behaviors are impacting their learning, and what to teach next.


Having a child with Autism can make you feel alone on an island. Not everyone gives your family the support it needs. We'll help you make sure your child gets the resources they deserve.

Parent Training

We offer Parent Training and Intensive Parent Training courses. Designed for all parents and conducted by our BCBA's. Click here for more information.

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